Personal Training
Personal training with Achieve Coventry is all about YOU; getting you the results you desire much faster than you could on your own, from fat loss and injury rehabilitation to sports conditioning and body transformation.

Your Achieve Coventry personal trainer will plan the most effective and fastest route to success. You will learn the secrets to optimum health which leads to rapid fat loss and fantastic results, keeping you motivated and full of vitality to want to achieve more than have ever thought possible.

Your personal training programme will be designed specifically for you; not something from a magazine or off the shelf.  Following a Kinetic Chain Assessment, your personal trainer will design your complete fitness and health programme; including everything you need to do to get the results you dream of.

Kinetic Chain Assessment (KCA)
All personal training and coaching clients receive a full Kinetic Chain Assessment, this gives us a unique picture of how your body works as a system, from which we can produce a safe and effective programme that is specific to YOU.

The KCA includes muscle firing patterns, postural and movement analysis, deep core function tests, neurological assessments and functional profiling.

If your personal trainer isn’t assessing at this level they are simply guessing at what programme will you results.

Injury Management
We offer a full range of treatments to help you ease and overcome any injuries or pain you may be suffering with. You don’t have to put up with pain, taking action to change how you view your injury and follow the necessary steps to improve the way your body functions.

From sports massage to kinetic chain therapy, we will help you find the solution to living a pain-free life and getting the most from your body.

Nutrition Mentoring
Our nutrition strategies aim to improve the total health and wellbeing of our clients; with great health comes a lean body, a side effect that many strive for. If you live too far away to benefit from working with us as personal training clients but would like guidance on eating a more supportive and balance diet this option could be for you.

We will provide you with everything you need to follow ‘The Real Food Plan’, food diaries, meal planners, recipes instructional videos, daily emails and support. We will assess your food diaries daily and give you guidance. Advanced nutrition strategies will be tailored to your individual needs.

Sports Conditioning
Improve your performance in your sport by improving the most expensive piece of kit you own – your body. We will assess you and write you a conditioning programme based on how your body works as a system; increasing your strength, flexibility and balance specifically for your chosen sport.

Having a programme designed specifically for you, not just picked from a magazine or downloaded from the internet ensures that you perform at the top of your game and stay injury-free. We work with triathletes, tennis players, golfers and runners.

Are you going skiing or snow boarding this winter?

Your Achieve Coventry personal trainer will design a conditioning programme to make sure you are at your peak and ready to take on anything that the mountains throw at you. Don’t spend your week away moaning about how soar your legs are every day, do something about it and be prepared.

Martial Arts / Boxing
If you are a martial artist or boxer, we can provide you with a training and nutrition programme specific to your needs as a fighter. We will assess where you are now in relation to your goals and produce a step by step guide on all aspects of your fitness and health.

If you are not a fighter but would like to incorporate boxing and martial arts in to your fitness programme, our personal trainers will take you from basic movements up to high level combinations on focus pads – a great stress reliever.

Achieve Bootcamp
Coventry and Warwickshire’s most effective fat loss and fitness camps. Lose one full clothing size and up to 21lbs in only 4 weeks or your money back. Our bootcamps get results most personal trainers couldn’t achieve with you on a 1-1 basis, using the ‘Real Food, Real Results’ programme and ‘W.A.R.R.I.O.R.’ principles we use with our own personal trainingpersonal training members.
Achieve Bootcamp

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