If you have landed on this page, you are interested in finding a personal trainer in Coventry and Warwickshire to help you achieve your fitness, fat loss or rehabilitation goals.

We understand that with literally hundreds to choose from; the decision of who to trust with your time, effort and ultimately your hard earned money is a difficult one.

We know that nobody actually wants a personal trainer; just the results that a personal trainer provides.

You want to achieve your goals faster than you could on your own without wasting any time or effort.

We all need help on our path to success and your Achieve Coventry personal trainer will be there to guide you down the fastest route; like a sat nav for your goals.

With that in mind, we are the only personal training company locally to guarantee results. We are so confident in our abilities as Coventry and Warwickshire’s leading personal trainers; that if you don’t achieve the goals we agree upon together in the time frame set, we will give you back your full investment with us.

No quibbles or arguing over small print, just your money back. You simply have to stick to our guidelines 100% in your time with us.

And we believe in aiming high; if fat loss is your goal we guarantee that you will lose at least one full clothing size in only three weeks.

Clients following our W.A.R.R.I.O.R. principles have lost 21lbs and two full clothing sizes in less than four weeks.

Darren has over 14 years experience as a personal trainer and over 20 years teaching martial arts.  Studying with some of the worlds leading experts on fitness, assessment and nutrition, such as; Dax Moy, Phil Richards and Paul Chek amongst many others, he has developed the W.A.R.R.I.O.R. principles. These include only the most effective methods he has found during this time.

All Achieve Coventry Personal Trainers are trained in these principles to guarantee your success.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Coventry and Warwickshire please contact us today.