Don’t let excuses prevent you from getting the results you want to achieve.

To paraphrase my friend Paul Mort, one of the UK’s leading fat loss coaches, “you either have results or excuses, only you can decide which”.

I have just been reading the report of one of the Chilean miners, Edison Pena, he was trapped with his colleagues 700m underground for 69 days, some would see this as an excuse to see the ‘glass-half-full’ and focus on the problems they faced.

Edison chose to deal with his fears about being trapped with exercise.  It is reported that he ran up to 3 miles daily and to increase his strength, dragged heavy wooden crates.

At the weekend he completed the New York Marathon (26.2 miles), less than four weeks following his rescue.

It amazes me what with the right mindset can achieve.

It also amazes me how little people can achieve with the wrong might set.  Many people give in before they have even started.  They don’t even get to the point of setting a goal because they have already decided it might be hard work or they might not achieve it.  So in the attempt to not become a ‘failure’ they don’t even take the first steps.

I am lucky to have some great friends and mentors that constantly strive to push me further and offer support when things don’t go to plan. I, as Dax Moy once told me, aim to ‘fail forwards’; that is, learn from my mistakes and take out the bits that didn’t work to improve and try again.

Al Peasland, one of my martial arts coaches and a great friend reminds me, ‘there is only growth in discomfort’; to be better at anything we must put ourselves in the position to learn and in the martial arts world that often leads to discomfort :0)

This week, I have been teaching in primary schools and I overheard some familiar conversations in the staff room; ‘I’ve got a party at the weekend and all of my nice clothes are tight, I’ve tried everything to lose weight but none of it works’, her colleague had also tried everything.  These conversations were not limited to just one staff room.

As I was about to offer some advice, I looked around to see what looked like a cake shop being opened, there cupcakes, fruit loaves, and biscuits, in their defence much of it was home-made.  I thought it must have been somebody’s birthday but it was just break-time.  A scheduled treat every now and then is ok and can help with fat loss, but a scheduled treat shouldn’t be scheduled for every day.

I’m familiar with many of the weight loss methods out there but unfortunately I haven’t found one that promotes cake and gets results based around health.  I obviously haven’t tried ‘everything’ though.

When I explained to them about my ‘real food’ real results’ nutrition programme and my outdoor fitness classes, they thought didn’t think they could last the day without at least 1 cup of coffee and told me that they didn’t really like exercise and isn’t it too cold outside to workout. 

Amy, one of my bootcamp members lost 15” (including 4.5” off her waist) and 18lbs during the October 4 week camp; she feels and looks amazing.  She put excuses away and followed my instructions 100% and got a fantastic result. 

This happens time and time again with our personal training and fitness camp members; they want results and do what is required to get them.  If you’re not getting the fitness or fat loss results, ask yourself if you are putting in the work to get them or do you keep finding excuses to eat rubbish and to avoid exercise. 

Excuses or results, it’s your decision.

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