A Pumpkin workout to stoke up your metabolism

If you intend to hand out some treats for the kids in your neighbourhood this weekend, it can be really tempting to grab a few for yourself each time somebody knocks on the door.

Ramp up your metabolism and get some calories in the bag in case you cheat with this workout, obviously if you manage to abstain you will have just fitted in an extra workout.  Why not do this with your children before you carve the pumpkins.  Remember to use the flesh to make pumpkin curry.


Time needed: 35 minutes including a warm up and cool down.

Set an interval timer for 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.

Perform 3 full rounds with a 1 minute rest between rounds.

Use a pumpkin you feel will push you during the workout.

Squat Press – Holding the pumpkin to your chest, squat your bum back and down as you push back up press the pumpkin above your head.

Step Back Left Leg Lunge – Holding the pumpkin at your chest, take a step back into a lunge with your left leg, clench your bum as you come forwards and repeat on the same leg.  To make it a harder, raise your knee without putting your foot down between each lunge.

Step Back Right Leg Lunge – As above for the opposite leg.

Diagonal Low to High Squat Lift – Left – Squat down and touch the pumpkin to your left foot, try to keep your arms straight and lift the pumpkin diagonally across your body above your right shoulders, lower back down in the same way.

Diagonal Low to High Squat Lift – Right – As above starting at the right foot.

Bent Over Row – Tilt forward from your hips keeping your spine long and your abs strong.  Lower your pumpkin down until your arms are straight, pull back up until it touches your abdominals.

Perform each exercise for the full 50 seconds at a steady pace.

Before you start, make sure you have a full warm up and have a good cool down and stretch to finish.

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