Too much bedtime activity can leave you feeling tired all day.

When I talk to people about starting a fitness programme or changing their eating habits, the most common reason / excuse for not getting started is being too tired to make a start.

The things I look at first are hydration and sleep quality.

Sleep quality used to be hard to track, I would question them about toilet trips during the night, time to bed, time to wake up, how they felt first thing in the morning amongst many other things that could give us a clue.

Phone apps were developed but I found that they weren’t that accurate when my coaching clients had better quality beds.

This week, I bought a FitBit activity tracker and sleep monitor as for an experiment.  I know a couple of people that use them and thought it would be worth a try.

It’s basically a fancy pedometer that syncs with your phone to let you know how many steps you’ve taken and how active you’ve been throughout the day.

The best feature I have found so far though is the sleep tracker.

If you normally wear a watch you won’t really notice you have it on, so it doesn’t affect your sleep at all.

It tracks movement while you sleep, the better quality of sleep you get, the less tired you will be the following day.  This is true even if you had less hours of sleep.

The first night, I had nearly 8½ hours but was ridiculously tired the following day.  Looking at the tracker, it shows I woke up in the night and had 18 minutes of restless sleep.

sleep 1

 The following night, I only had just over 7 hours sleep but didn’t wake up and only had 4 minutes of restless sleep, I felt great the next day.

sleep 2

 I’m still in the early days of using it but I’m impressed so far.  I’m going to do a couple of experiments in relation to bed time routines to see how much difference can be made.

We’ve tried a few of them before but were only going with how we felt without a clear picture of what was really happening.  This will give us that.

Now I’ve just got to find my yellow lensed sun glasses to get started on the first one.

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