Nutrition in the media and how to win the battle.

If you take diet and fitness advice from the media, you probably don’t look or feel very good.

For example:

You can do 3 minutes of exercise per week to get fit, they forgot to mention that to exercise at the required intensity you would already have to be in really good shape.  As in ‘Athlete’ good shape.

You can eat anything you want and starve for two days and still lose weight.  No mention of food quality, fasting can work really well but calories should not be the reason why.  To get the most benefit from it, your body has to already be functioning pretty well on a hormonal level.

This week, Burger King have brought out ‘skinny’ fries, which only have 8 calories less than normal fries yet they cost more.  It is down to the special batter that blocks some of the vegetable oil being absorbed.

1. You can burn 8 calories sneezing, so eat the ‘real’ fries and rub some pepper under your nose.

2. If your worrying about the amount of calories you are chasing the wrong rabbit for health and weight loss.

3. Vegetable oil is horrendous for your health and should be avoided anyway.

4. I use to work at McDonalds many, many years ago and fries used to be made out of potato not a bend or batter.

5. If you want fries, get a potato, slice in to thin fry strips, drizzle with some olive or coconut oil and put in a hot oven for 10 minutes.  Sprinkle over some good quality salt and some herbs and you have a healthy snack.

There was also a report that a high protein diet is as dangerous for the 50-65 age group as smoking for cancer risk.

More scaremongering from journalists with zero knowledge on how to read or interpret a research report.  A little critical thinking would be useful.

In this case the study was based on the participants recalling what food they had eaten in the previous 24 hours.  We use food diaries with our clients but highlight that they need to compete it when the item is finished, not that evening or the following evening as inaccuracies occur.

There was no control over the quantities or more importantly the quality of protein being consumed.

I ‘enjoy’ a hot dog at the cinema occasionally but I’m under no illusion that it gives anything to my health and I certainly wouldn’t class it as protein.  I think they only have to contain 10% meat.

In essence, the report was an observational study not actually science with control groups and real scientists recording data in double blind conditions.

With that in mind, I’m going to enjoy the belly pork with have for lunch today.

If you want to win the diet battle, stick to foods as close to nature as you can and get your information from people who get consistent results on a consistent basis without using tricks and ‘special’ drinks or shakes.  That was a loosely disguised plug for Achieve.

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