Pizza in the shower – What exactly is eating clean?

So today is Ash Wednesday and marks the start of Lent.

People all around the world are repenting and punishing themselves by avoiding things that they enjoy; I’m not religious in anyway and don’t fully understand the reasons, this is just my take on it.

However, being a glass half full type of guy, I see it as an opportunity to improve my health and cut out the things that I know don’t do me any favours.

In essence, following The Real Food Plan and “Eating Clean”.

What exactly is “Eating Clean”?

It really depends on who you listen to and their opinions on nutrition.  I have fitness model and body builder clients who when cleaning up their diets pretty much avoid fat and carbs and looking at their food diaries you see lots of lean chicken and broccoli.

This is far from our approach at Achieve.

Our base level is to simply avoid processed food – in all of its forms.  No packet mixes or ready made meals etc.  Meals are freshly prepared and snacks shouldn’t have a bar code on them (there are a couple of options that are ok but still not ideal).

We then take out foods that commonly cause digestive issues.  Predominantly, wheat, gluten and most dairy products.

This isn’t on a full-time, never to have again basis but just for 4 weeks to see how the body reacts when they are reintroduced.

The next things we avoid are foods and drinks that have big impacts on our hormonal systems.  Refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine are the main culprits.

If you start with simply avoiding processed meals and allowing yourself time to prepare your own food, it will have a massive affect on your health.

Clean eating doesn’t have to be complicated, it certainly isn’t tasteless and bland like many of the “healthy” ready meals.  We have written 3 recipes books with lots of options in from soups and juices to curries and pancakes, all taste great and become staples in our clients menus.

Some of you messaged me yesterday to say you were joining us for eating clean during Lent.  If you are thinking about it, just do it, there’s really nothing to lose apart from a few kilos 🙂


Darren ‘clean eater’ Checkley

P.S. Eating clean doesn’t mean having a glass of wine in the bath or a slice of pizza in the shower.

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