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It’s my birthday today.

It’s essentially just another day, when I was younger, I really went to town on the celebrations.  In fact, I have a few years where I can’t even remember most of the week because I had partied so hard.

One major thing that has changed in my life as I’ve got older is my ability to function the day / days after a party session.  Until my late-20’s I never had a single hangover, now the best part of three days are written off.

As a result, I very really have more than a couple of beers.  I just don’t enjoy the after effects.  I’d much rather have some nice food and as you may have guessed an extra portion of cake J

My niece has made me a cheesecake for my birthday and some of it might even make it on to Fran’s plate.

On my birthday, I like to review where / who I am and where / who I’d like to be.  Last year, was pretty tough for Fran & I and we’re finally getting to the other side.

Speaking with a client with this recently, I was reminded of a post I wrote a few years ago about my beiliefs and how I try to live my life and thought I’d share it with you.

Not much has changed; this is the original version from 6 years ago. 



Some of you who know me well will know much of this, some of you will get to know me a little better but I’m hoping by publishing my beliefs it will give you a reminder to check on your own and maybe review what is truly important to you.

I believe in respect; in all of its meanings and guises. I have studied and taught martial arts for over 20 years; respect is a major part of many styles. The style of Kung Fu that I study and teach has respect as the first club rule. I spent most of the day Sunday learning iaido – the way of the sword draw, the respect given to the weapon and the ceremony of each movement is amazing.

I believe respect should be given freely rather than earned, we should respect everything and everyone around us; our belongings, our friends and family, nature and most importantly ourselves.

As a health coach, I spend a large amount of my time educating people on how to treat their bodies to get the most out of them. Too many people abuse their bodies; be it with alcohol, smoking, poor quality foods or a combination of all three. They are often then surprised when they find themselves troubled with illness and injury. If we treat our bodies well they will return the favour.

Many of my beliefs are centred around respect.

I believe in honesty; this is with ourselves and everybody we come into contact with. So often we lie to ourselves about what we really want from our lives. I think many people are unhappy because they are not being honest with themselves and living true to their beliefs.

Honesty with others doesn’t mean being thoughtless or nasty; we should always strive to be nice but we should let others know our true thoughts in a constructive way. I am always honest with my clients on what they need to do to achieve their goals and what is possible for them to achieve; often way beyond what they thought would be possible. I wouldn’t still be in this business if I wasn’t honest with people.

I believe everybody should live with passion; in your business, your relationships, your free-time and everything that you do. Some people say that I’m lucky to be in a role that I am passionate about; but I have made the choices and sacrifices necessary to work in this business.

I have put in a lot of hard work and study but it didn’t feel like a burden, I love what I do, I believe I have found my purpose and I work hard to stay at the top of my industry. I have surrounded myself with people that can help me become better at what I do and offer constructive and valid advice.

If you are passionate about the work that you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

If you are not passionate about your job you need to make sure it rewards you enough in other ways that you can follow your passions in other areas of your life.

The time you spend away from your work, your free-time should be filled with things that make your job worth it.  If you are highly paid but don’t use the money to pursue happiness in some way, you are working for work’s sake.

We are not on this planet for long and we should strive to enjoy our lives; as my nephew says ‘you don’t want to be the richest skeleton in the graveyard’.

I believe you should plan for the future but living is more important than saving.

If you are in a role you hate and the pay is poor, do something about it.  Study, work harder, change jobs, whatever it takes to change your life positively, but don’t stay in a role that makes you unhappy and doesn’t deliver the rewards to pursue your dreams in other areas.

I try to spend as much of my free-time out with my family and dogs, we enjoy mountain walking; and getting out in nature helps you to put things into perspective and feel free.

I believe that you should trust in your abilities; too many people don’t pursue the things that they really want because they are scared about failing. I am also guilty of this but I’m trying to change.  As long as we learn from the experience, it was worth while.  

The people I coach show disbelief when we discuss their goals and what I believe they could achieve; with hard work, a plan and determination we can all achieve our goals. Many successful people are where they are because somebody else initially believed they could be.

I had a client many years ago who wanted to be an American wrestler, many of his peers told him that it was a dream and a skinny teenager from Coventry couldn’t make it in the States as a wrestler. His mum believed in his goal and booked him some sessions with me, again I believed that he should go for it; we worked on his strength and flexibility.

We trained some fancy martial arts stuff to look good; in addition to his judo training.  He wrote letter after letter, refusing to accept no as an answer.  Eventually he got a break and moved to the U.S.A. to train and work as a wrestler; he was living his dream at 19.

He could have given in at the first step, if he listened to those that thought it was unrealistic. He chose to surround himself with people who believed in him and his goals and encouraged him and helped him to take action towards them.

I believe you should give graciously and accept willingly; be it a gift, a complement, your knowledge or your time.

I believe we should all be nice; that is, try to see the glass half full, be positive.  When bad things happen it is easy to get angry and start being negative about it, but anger doesn’t really solve anything and often makes the situation worse.  

We should try to focus on the bigger picture and establish the best course of action to take to accomplish what we want.  By being nice we put others at ease and they can focus on helping us achieve.

It can be hard at times; we have had no gas supply to our house this past weekend meaning no heating (it was -3c over night), no hot water and no hob to cook on. Our gas company passed the blame on to another company who didn’t work weekends and said they couldn’t help.

This morning they have changed their mind and we are hoping they will resolve the problem today. My wife remained nice and they have found a way to help us; this might not have been the case if we got angry.

I have many more but will finish with.

I believe everybody has the right to good health; it is the choices we make in life that define our health. Only a small number of health problems are due to genetics; but I often hear that excuse for obesity and other weight related problems.

I could play the genetics card if I chose to become obese, most of my family are overweight.  I make the right choices with nutrition and exercise to maintain a fit and healthy body.

Many health problems are a result of poor nutrition and lack of exercise, yet we seek the advice of the medical profession who are trained to deal with the consequences of ill health rather than promote good health. We want the quick fix, surgery or magic pill / potion to take that will solve all of our problems; the results of which are short lived and often leave us in a worse position.

If you really want to improve your health and are tired of being ill every time there’s as much of a sniffle in the air; do something about it.  It might be hard work initially, everything worthwhile is, but the results are life-changing.

Seek help from someone who deals with promoting good health on a daily basis, take their advice and take action upon it.  It is the taking action that really makes the difference and helps us improve.

This advice isn’t limited to your health; if you want to improve your financial situation seek the help of an expert who can give you the best advice for your circumstances.

Whatever your goals maybe, become more educated about the things that you need to do to achieve them and surround yourself with people who can help you achieve them; don’t listen to the people you feel are trying to hold you back.

I hope you have found this post about my beliefs interesting and you are inspired to review your own.

We all have the power to live the life we dream of, we just need to take consistent positive action towards that life.

I will be, it’s your choice if you want to.

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