Andy’s free from Prostate Cancer :)

It’s been a little over 2 years since my Dad died of prostate cancer, by the time his G.P. suspected anything was wrong, the cancer had already spread.  He was treated for a urinary infection for over 12 months before it was deemed necessary to ooh at other routes.

Today, I am sharing with you a story about how well the system can work.  One of my students Dad’s tells his story below.



It started with a routine trip to the doctors in early August 2013 for some antibiotics and as is usual with men of my age (57) I was asked if my water works were ok. I immediately replied that everything was fine but then remembered that I sometimes got a small dribble when I thought I had finished, annoying but not the end of the world. How wrong can you be?

The doctor suggested a blood test for PSA levels which was done a week later and showed a raised level of 8.5. This in itself means very little but is an indicator of possible prostate cancer. Two weeks later I saw a consultant urologist and two weeks after that had a biopsy at Warwick Hospital. The result was back in a week and was positive, with a grading of seven, which was a shock because this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me. I was informed that it had been diagnosed fairly early and the outlook was good for a full recovery. There were choices to be made: treat with radio or chemotherapy which would probably involve taking female hormones the results of which you can probably imagine and I just couldn’t see myself in the bra department of M&S, remove the prostate while the cancer was contained which is a big operation or watch and wait to see how quickly the cancer is growing. For me it was an easy decision to remove the prostate.

I then made an appointment to see Alan Doherty at the Priory in Edgbaston who is one of the leading consultants in the country. That was late September and four weeks later I had the operation. I was home after four nights in hospital and back at work two weeks later.

However that’s not quite the end of the story, physically I recovered from the operation quite quickly but because of the disruption caused there is some incontinence which is slowly improving but may well take three months to get back to normal. Annoying but I suppose a small price to pay for life.

I have spoken to my friends and anyone else who’ll listen to get a PSA test as soon as possible.

Cancer Research UK

Get a PSA test before it’s too late.

Andy Worton


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