A yellow jersey for fat loss?

I’ve just finished watching the live coverage of the 5th stage of the Tour de France where Mark Cavendish has just won his 24th (overall) stage of the great race.  He is riding with a new team this year but whether this year, or with his old team, in his post-race interviews he always attributes his success to his team-mates.

This dedication by 8 men for one man’s glory can sometimes be difficult to understand in modern day sport but Cavendish literally could not win all the races he has without the support of his team-mates. The same goes for Bradley Wiggins who won the Tour last year – again he simply could not have achieved this without his team behind him.

Yellow Jersey- Bradley Wiggins

Each team starts the tour with nine men and whilst there is an overall team category, which does carry some prize money and prestige, this is often just a by-product of the team’s consistent performance; it’s rarely mentioned in coverage and certainly isn’t ever targeted by the teams to win.

Each team has a designated team leader and whether this is a sprinter, like Mark Cavendish whose goal is to win individual stages and the green jersey or an all-rounder like Bradley Wiggins whose goal is to win the yellow jersey the other eight men in the team are there for support purposes often to the detriment of their own personal ambition.

These eight support riders are known as ‘domestiques’ which translates as ‘servant’ in French!

This was highlighted particularly well during last year’s tour when Chris Froome looked to be stronger than Bradley Wiggins in the mountains but Brad was still the team leader and a better prospect to win due to his all-round abilities. There were a couple of occasions when the Sky team management had to reel Froome back in to ‘look after’ Brad rather than go for a stage victory and on one particular occasion this caused a massive row between their respective partners on Twitter!

Cycling is unique in this way – it is all about the individual achievement but the individual cannot achieve without the sacrifice of eight others – Geraint Thomas has been riding this tour with a fractured pelvis in order to support Chris Froome’s ambitions to win the yellow jersey!

At Achieve we like to think of ourselves as YOUR domestiques; whilst you are on your personal journey to achieve your goals we will be there with you every step (or pedal!) of the way. We will protect you from attacks from other riders and help you up the mountains! These difficulties could be in the shape of friends & family who are not supportive of your lifestyle change or the aches and pains of the first week. We will be there to make sure you win at your goals.

Whatever your goals is we will help you achieve your yellow jersey; from losing fat and looking great on the beach to completing an ironman triathlon, our team will support you every step of the way and guarantee that you will achieve your goal.


If you’ve never watched road cycling before but fancy following the tour this year here’s a simple description of the three big prizes that the teams are aiming to win;

1) Yellow jersey for best overall rider – the rider who takes the least amount of time over the entire three week duration of the race. Usually won by an ‘all-rounder’ who can climb mountains well and perform well in time trial. (A time trial is a shorter distance ridden individually against the clock). They will need a strong team to protect them from attacks from other teams and help them ride more efficiently i.e. the team leader will often never be seen ‘riding on the front’ as the man at the front of the group can use up to 40% more energy than those behind.

2) Green jersey or points competition – points are awarded for stage wins (& 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.) and various sprints along the route. The rider with the most points wins the green jersey. In theory this should reward the most consistent rider.

3) Polka dot jersey or mountains competition – points are awarded for winning mountain top finish stages and/or getting over the big climbs on the route first (& 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.). In theory this should reward the strongest climbers in the race.


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