Don’t put off achieving

Today marks 90 days until the end of 2012.  Then it all starts again, the setting New Year’s resolutions that you think you should set but can’t really be bothered to do anything about.

You join the rest of the world in their quest to exercise, eat better, lose weight or do more for charity.  As a general rule, this yearly motivation will last three or four weeks at the most; I know people who have smoked their last ever cigarette at 11.59pm on 31st December to be outside smoking again before Auld Lang Syne has finished playing.

To achieve something, you have to actually WANT to achieve it.  There has to be a greater reason to achieving it than the goal itself.  Motivation is not enough you need inspiration.  Motivation is a fantastic starting point, you feel revved up by an event or something that a friend has said; maybe you want to lose weight because you have seen a picture of yourself on Facebook that you were unhappy with.

You are motivated to get started, you search on the Internet for a diet and get started on Monday but then Friday happens and you get an invite for a night out.  The diet states that you can’t have alcohol but you don’t want to miss out.  You think “one night won’t make much of a difference” and you go out, you have to live.  The next morning you feel awful and “want” to eat some junk to make you feel better.

And so the cycle continues, you are on the perpetual diet without ever truly getting closer to your goals.  Motivation can be very short lived.

Inspiration is different, inspiration takes you further.  To be inspired is to know your “WHY”, knowing your “why” is the most important part of any goal.  For example, you see the same picture mentioned above, you’re unhappy with your appearance but also notice that your children are having great fun playing and running around.  You remember the day, you struggled to play with them because you felt so out of breath and it was uncomfortable getting up and down off the floor.

Your goal then isn’t about your appearance, it’s about how you feel, how you move, your ability to play with your children and be a role model.  Someone for them to look up to and think that you are a superhero.

When I ask our members about their results at the end of each month, they are always pleased with the amount of weight and inches they have lost but are more excited about the other benefits.  Having more energy, sleeping better, clearer skin, stronger nails, picking up their children without struggling, getting up and down off the floor with ease and lots of other every day things that we should take for granted.

Don’t waste the next 90 days waiting for the New Year to make a start on your goals or plan for a challenge, get started straight away.  You don’t need to make big changes, small changes each day all add up and take you closer to your goals.  It could be something as simple as drinking a glass of water per day and gradually increasing that amount.

If you would like some help our next Achieve Bootcamp starts on Monday 8th October 2012 at 6 venues across Coventry and Warwickshire –

If you are happy with your exercise plan but would like a little help with knowing what to eat, you can download a free copy of The Real Food Plan at  Jen did exactly that 4 weeks ago and is now 13lbs lighter and feels great.


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