The hidden cost of Achieving

At Achieve, we’re known for the amazing results we get in short periods of time, we change our members body shapes in only 4 weeks.  We guarantee that every member who joins us and follows The Real Food Plan and only three 45 minute exercise session s per week will lose at least a full clothing size.  Our members often achieve more than this, our current record holder lost 24lbs and 5” from his waist.

Our systems work, we have a 200% money back guarantee that we have only had to honour once.  That is once out of over 500 members we have trained over the past 3.5 years.  Emma, then went on to achieve her goal and way more.  We guarantee such fantastic results because we focus on building the health of our members not just on losing weight.

To achieve long term success, health must be your goal.  We have helped people who have been on the perpetual diet cycle establish a nutrition plan that works for them and their families and ensures they keep achieving.  We educate our members about what really happens to their bodies when they consume non-foods and the benefits to eating a real food based diet.

However, there is a downside to our members achieving their goals and dropping a jeans size and continuing to drop inches every month.  They find their clothes no longer fit, they need to buy new clothes because their current selection is too big but they also know that they will be losing more inches so don’t want to invest too much in new clothes.

Ben lost over 2” from his chest, 4” from his waist and 3.5” from his hips last month and now needs to buy new suits for work, he is holding off buying them though because he has a goal to lose more inches this month.  We don’t focus on weight loss as it is so inaccurate as a measurement of success but for those who are interested he lost 19lbs during his first 4 weeks.

If you have lost a substantial amount of inches, as our members do, what do you do with your clothes that are too big?  Our advice would be to give them away to charity or friends that will benefit from them.  If they are in your wardrobe, you will find a way of making them fit again.  If a few inches creep back on and you have to make a conscious effort to go to the shops to buy bigger clothes, you will do something about it and get back on track.

If you can simply go to your wardrobe and pick something that you used to wear, you will  do so without realising it.  You will tell yourself that you need to get back on track but soon forget about it as there will be no motivation as you have a ready made set of clothes waiting to get in to.  Giving your clothes that are too big away is very empowering; you are letting your go of your old self and moving on to your new body and improved health.

Our next bootcamps start on Monday 10th September 2012, you have time to get the kids settled in at school before we get started.  If you would like to have the problem of your clothes being too big and needing to buy new outfits in time for the October half term go to:

We have a maximum of 20 members in each group, many of which are taken by our full-time members.  Take action today and get started on your journey to smaller jeans and better health.


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