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Have you been watching any of the Olympics?

We have been transfixed at Team Achieve, catching any events we can when we get in from work; I’ve also had the BBC iplayer on my computer most of the day watching sports I previously had no interest in.  The human body truly is a fascinating thing, you only have to watch the gymnastics to be in awe of what is possible.

At the weekend, we watched the fastest men on the planet race over 100m with Usain Bolt taking the gold medal in a time of only 9.63 seconds; to put that in perspective, this sentence took you longer to read.  Most normal people couldn’t match that speed with a rolling start on a push bike.  These athletes are amazing examples of what the body can do with correct training, nutrition, mindset and genetics.

Your ingredients have to be correct to be amongst the best in the World but that doesn’t meant that we can’t all try to be the best that we can be.  The tag line of the London 2012 Olympics is “inspiring a generation” and I for one feel inspired.  The opening ceremony featured up and coming athletes lighting the Olympic flame and taking over from past masters of their sports.

It has been in the news this week that bike sales have gone through the roof as a result of Team GB’s efforts on the road and in the velodrome.  I hope the same will happen with running kit and memberships to athletics clubs after the performances of Jess Ennis and Mo Farah.  Helen Glover, the rower, has proven that you don’t need to start training as a child, she only took up the sport four years ago.

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The Olympics are proving what is possible if you are prepared to put the effort in; most of the athletes have had these home games as there goal for years and their training and competition schedules would have reflected that.  Preparation has been the key to their success.  Team GB are performing brilliantly, every aspect of their lives over the last four years has been planned with the aim of success in London 2012.

Other than the planning involved, something that most of the athletes have mentioned during their post award interviews has been how the support of the crowd and the successes of their team has led them to performing better.  This is something we have found at Achieve, our coaches provide the planning and know how, we help our members to understand exactly what we are asking them to do and why.

Our members and clients support each other through the highs and lows of their journey to improved health.  They share stories on the things they found difficult and how they overcame it; they share tips and recipes in our members only website.  Our members provide inspiration for each other with their successes and on top of that we have noticed that the energy levels and buzz has increased with the performance of Team GB.

Lots of our members have asked about taking up new sports and activities as a result of watching the Olympics.  We are helping them decide which activities they can fit in to their lives and routines.  They have the confidence to try a new activity or sport because they are much happier with their body shape since joining Team Achieve.

Anything is possible, you just have o commit to making the necessary changes to what you are doing now to achieve them.  Use the inspiration of the nation to help get you started towards something you want to achieve and become the best version of you that you can.  The Olympics has become infectious, my 4 year old martial arts students are excited about it and my over 60’s class didn’t stop talking about Jess Ennis and Mo Farah on Monday morning.

As I always say, you are in control of your health and fitness, you simply have to find the inspiration to do something to achieve it.  What better time to take up a new sport and activity than when the rest of the country will support you.  The key then will be finding something you want to stick with, get in touch if you want to try any of our services.

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