And the winner is …

Over the past 8 weeks we have been running a summer transformation challenge at Achieve Bootcamp.  The results have been quite simply amazing, I mentioned last week about how well everybody who took part has done.  Their physical transformations have been great but the thing that have impressed us the most the change in mindset.

Everyone who took part has developed a better relationship with food and exercise and most importantly, themselves.  Some of our members have been through hard times during the challenge, relationship break-ups, exam stresses, moving house to name a few but they have all stuck with the commitment they made to improve their health.

As you can imagine, we become very close to our members, even more so during the challenges; we are helping them to take control in every aspect of their lives for the benefit of their health.  This process involves them sharing so much with us; for that reason, this time we didn’t judged the competition ourselves, we didn’t want emotion to cloud judgement.

I’m fortunate to be friends with some of the Worlds best personal trainers and health coaches, so I put the pressure of judging on them in a private group set up for personal training mastery and fitness entrepreneurs.  The votes have been counted and I have spoken to the winner and I’m very proud to announce that our latest 8 week transformation challenge winner is Harpreet Klear.

Harpreet, along with all competitors, worked really hard throughout the challenge.  Her attitudes and views around food have also dramatically changed.  Like many vegetarians I have met, Harps didn’t eat that many vegetables and chose many of the ready made versions available.  Soy and tofu variants also made up a large portion of her plan which can have a negative effect on your health.

As a result her health wasn’t as good as it should have been; she now bases her meals on real vegetables and takes a trip to the grocers a couple of times per week.  Harpreet is definitely feeling the difference in energy levels, skin, hair, fitness and body shape.

Well done Hardcore Harps.

Achieve Bootcamp - challenge winner

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