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This week I have received a lot of emails from people who would like to get into shape for their summer holidays.  Some ask about what is involved in Achieve Bootcamp, some asking if they qualify for our personal training services and some for general advice on nutrition.  They all have one thing in common, they have taken their first step.

A common question about bootcamp is “will I be the biggest or most unfit there?”

While I can’t give an accurate answer that without actually seeing or testing the person; I can help them understand that it doesn’t really matter.  Everyone there has had similar doubts and fears, they just chose to put them to one side and get started.  I wrote a post about making choices and embracing change last week and this post is an expansion of that.  Following on from a conversation with one of my friends and colleagues, Dean Coulson, about fear, of change, of failure, of success.

We all have our fears and reasons for not changing or doing what we really want.  It could be as above, not wanting to be the most unfit or the being biggest person in a class but you will never know until you take steps to change it.  It takes courage to contact a coach or trainer to ask that question yet during phone calls with the people who ask them, they feel that they admit they are scared and lack confidence.  They soon realise how brave they have been and that they really are ready to change.

I had a conversation with one of our Achieve Bootcamp members recently about how well they were doing and the results they had achieved so far; they then told me that it took them nearly a year of reading our newsletters and looking at the website before they had the courage to click the button.  They got upset because they realised where they could be if they had just started when they first thought about it but there was nothing to be upset about; they are now a completely different person in mind and body.

The most rewarding part of my role as a coach is seeing the difference in the mindset of our members and personal training clients.  Weight loss and body transformation is a nice thing to see but watching somebody who lacked the confidence to pick up the phone to help themselves become empowered to change and achieve anything they put their minds too.

I will expand on the role of fear and what you can do to overcome it in the next couple of weeks.

In answer to the questions above –  we have members and clients of all levels of fitness from marathon runners to people who hadn’t exercised since they left school 40 years ago.  If you start out as the most unfit, you will notice big changes in your first four weeks that you will find hard to believe; being unfit is only temporary when you take those first steps to change.

We also have members of all shapes and sizes and they all work together to achieve their goals.  One of our most inspirational members is now over half way to her 7 stone fat loss goal she set herself when she first started.  If she didn’t take the first steps she would still be at least 7 stone away from her goal, maybe even more.  You don’t know where your first steps will take you until take them and follow the path that they lead to.

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