Embrace change

This morning at Achieve Bootcamp we had to use a different area of the War Memorial Park in Coventry as our usual area was still in use following the weekends Olympic Torch relay and the cancelled Godiva Festival.  It is a fantastic park and has lots of great areas to exercise in, so we moved to the second car park.

We embraced the change and were rewarded by a change of scene and being among the trees.  However, we had some opposition when we first arrived; a grumpy woman was upset that her usual car parking space was being used and made it clear that she was unhappy.  She moaned that her day was now ruined; it worries me that a whole day can be ruined by a change in parking space early in the morning.  I have OCD type issues and like things to be in their correct place and done in the correct sequence but if something that is out of my control changes that, I simply CHOOSE to get on with my day.

Over the weekend, Fran & I went to a friends 50th birthday party.  It had a beach theme and it was a fantastic night.  While there we met a few of my old clients that I used to train when I worked in a health club.  They all mentioned how much weight I had lost since they last saw me and asked what I had changed.

I hadn’t realised at the time I was training from the club that I had became a chunky trainer.  The politics of working in a chain had made me unhappy and I didn’t really like the changes the club were making.  They were all financially based and didn’t sit with my own principles of providing exceptional service.  The club had stopped focussing on the experience of the member and were simply chasing profits. When you’re unhappy a number of hormonal changes can happen that lead to weight gain, I was still exercising and eating reasonably well but my weight had increased, particularly around my waist.

When I left the club to set up fully on my own, I lost body fat without changing anything else.  I just left a situation that I didn’t realise was affecting me so badly.  I had tried embracing the changes but they didn’t work for me so created a change of my own.

When our members first read through our nutrition plan they are often worried because it is so different from the plans they have tried and failed at in the past.  When they embrace the change and follow exactly what we advise their results amaze them; not only from the weight loss side of things but also how much better they feel in themselves.  Some members find it too much on their first bootcamp to add exercise and change their nutrition plan all at the same time, they add the exercise and play around with the diet side of things.  They still achieve good results but not in comparison to the members who have embraced the whole programme and followed both.

It can take time, sometimes our members need to build up a level of trust in what we are saying; it is completely different to the methods they have tried before.  We don’t focus on quantity or calories but on quality and nutrient density.  We have a member who has been with us nearly 18 months now and has achieved great results; losing over 3½ stone but she has only followed our plan fully over the last 3 months and is feeling the difference.  Her skin is much better, she has a regular menstrual cycle and feels fantastic.

She had a lot of changes to make; being a vegan she had followed a really restricted diet that she had been led to believe needed to be high in soy products and ate lots of processed foods as a result.  They were preventing her from achieving the results she deserved, when she started really listening to our advice and embracing the changes she needed to make the results came a lot faster and now she is well on the way to achieving her long term goals.

This is common in the dieting world; there are lots of myths and outright lies that have been fed to you to get you to buy certain products rather than improve your health.  These myths and lies are shown to you on every available media; radio adverts, TV, magazine spreads, paid-for-news items all claiming to have the answer in a magic pill or potion and taking you further away from common sense and nature.  It is time to embrace change by going back to a more natural way of eating and drinking.

As we’ve mentioned before if you really want to lose weight long term, you need to focus on improving your health and YOU are the only person that can take responsibility for your health.  Don’t blame anybody else for the body you are currently wearing, it is the choices you have made that have made it.  If you want to wear a different body you simply have to CHANGE what you have been doing and embrace a new way.

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