Follow the rules to achieve your goals

Every 4 weeks we take on new members at Achieve Bootcamp and we have a 200% money back guarantee that every member who joins us will drop at least a full clothing size in only 4 weeks.

They simply have to attend at least 12 sessions and follow our nutrition programme; it’s as straight forward as that.  We get fantastic results, last month (May) we had 3 members lose 4″ from their waist by following our advice to the letter.

Achieving your goals should be that simple; yet, I often speak to people who are unhappy with the programme or group they are following / attending because they are not getting the results they believe they should be.  Their trainer has set them a plan to follow that is too complicated and requires lots of supplements and potions or perform exercises that they don’t feel confident with on their own, so they don’t follow them.

Which is madness, both from their point of view – they are paying a trainer to give them a programme to get results, if they are not following it, they will not achieve those results; and from their trainers – if your clients do not follow your programme something is wrong with the way it has been put together for them.

During my time as a personal trainer in health clubs, I witnessed many trainers giving their clients the same plan they were following irrespective of their goals or their individual abilities.  Personal training should be personal, your trainer should assess your goals and needs and guide you on your journey to achieving them; they should make sure you are in the right place mentally and physically to take on the plan that they are advising to ensure your success.

YOU, not them are the important one in the relationship, yet so many trainers are clouded by ego and make their clients feel bad about not following their plan before questioning the plan first.  We have a strict interview process that our clients have to pass before working with us as personal trainers, most of the people that enquire about our services are not ready to be our clients, yet.  Many of them join our Achieve Bootcamp programme and achieve better results than they would have with most other personal trainers; our bootcamp fat loss record is 24lbs in 4 weeks.

Here are 4 rules to follow when looking for a trainer or fitness programme:

1.  Results
A good personal trainer or fitness programme will get results and offer a guarantee on this; would you visit a dentist who wasn’t confident they could take your tooth out?  If they can’t guarantee that you will achieve the results you desire, they are not the person for you to hand over your hard earned cash to.  They should provide evidence of results too, I have recently been told about another local bootcamp who is using the information on our website to promote their own, if you are not sure, ask if you can speak to the person they are using.

2.  Knowledge
A trainer should strive to keep their knowledge up to date; this doesn’t mean they have to be on a course learning the latest fad piece of equipment every weekend but reading / studying in the area they specialise in.  This should not be a chore as a trainer, at heart we are geeks and love to explore the wonders of the human body and what it is capable of.  Discovering ways to help our clients more effectively is one of the best parts of the role of a coach / trainer.

3. Training
Your coach should be actively involved in their own fitness programme, ideally they will have their own trainer who they are accountable to.  In the past, I have been guilty of falling out of love with exercise and letting things get in the way; I got out of shape and felt tired all of the time.  Another trainer wrote me a programme to get me back on track, going back to the point at the top, I followed it to the letter and it worked.  It was hard work not to analyse it and add bits in that I thought would work better but the whole point of having a plan is to follow it.  All of our coaches have their own training goals and work towards them constantly, it is one of the principles of our business.

4. Principles
Your personal trainer / coach should have set principles that they stick to and not chop and change between different methods all of the time.  We have distinct principles that we follow for nutrition, rehabilitation, exercise and performance training; our clients do not move on to the next phase until they have mastered the one phase they are currently following.  Movement quality is an important principle of our fitness and strength programmes that many coaches fail to follow as they add more ‘stuff’, this often due to a lack of confidence in the plan they have laid out.

There you have it if you want to achieve results, work with somebody who guarantees them and follow what they say to the letter; not sort of, kind of or have cheats at the weekend but do what they have asked you to do and you will achieve your goals much faster than you can imagine.

One of our Achieve Bootcamp members has done exactly that over the last 4 weeks and achieved amazing results.

Our programme is so successful because it is so easy to follow.

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