Running with technique

Ever thought that you’d like to take part in that local run but didn’t really know where to start or have you gone out for a run and really struggled to keep going. Well good running technique is an essential part of making sure that your body can cope with the run and be efficient during it, and recovering well after it and not getting injured.

Running is so much more than just putting one foot in front of the other and what puts most people off is the perception that it’s hard work. Exercise should be enjoyable and running is such simple exercise if it is done efficiently.

At the Coventry Running Club there are no long runs, we don’t just turn up and go for a run, in fact the longest distance you will run is half a mile, and you’ll never get left behind. We focus on technique, looking at body position and posture through a series of techniques used by top athletes at UK Athletics. This enables our members to achieve their goals in a short period of time and they improve on average by 15% in four weeks.

With the Spring now upon us and the charity event season fast approaching, why not join us (see for details)  and get ready to take part in that run you always wanted to do.

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