Resolutions – how to make them count

We’re at the time of year when we review where we are in life and set resolutions to make changes in the areas we are unhappy with.  The resolutions generally focus on upgrading the negative aspects of our lives into positives; losing weight, getting fitter, stopping smoking, earning more money, spending more time with the family etcetera.

February comes around quickly and many of us realise that the resolutions we set haven’t materialised and the desire to stick with them has faded.  Resolutions are generally too vague to actually excite you and inspire you in to achieving them.  Take losing weight as an example, lots of people start diet plans in January because they want to lose the excess fat built up from over indulgence over Christmas.  They look in magazines and follow the method used by their favourite celebrity of the time.

There may be some initial success but inevitably the weight creeps back on as they lose focus – some weight isn’t a goal, it means nothing.  It’s like arranging to meet friends “up North” for New Years Eve, you set off in a northerly direction on your way to your goal and then realise that you didn’t set a specific location, so you will not know when you get there or how close you are to your destination.

You need to be specific, using the example above; you could arrange to meet in Edinburgh for hogmonay, you could even arrange the bar and a time.  By doing so there is more likelihood that you will achieve the goal.  Having a map with the journey planned out, again increases your chances of reaching your goal.  A fancy GPS with traffic updates and detailed instructions guarantees that you will arrive at your goal.

This year, rather than having multiple resolutions that you have no real intention of sticking to, set yourself one strong goal that factors in many aspects of your life; have a target that excites you and plan your journey.  Join a group that has similar goals and can offer support, part of the success of my bootcamps is down to the members encouraging each other when willpower is low.  Hire a personal trainer to help you plan your journey; a good one will offer a money back guarantee that you will achieve your goal if you follow the plan.

So rather than losing weight this January be specific; for example:

I will lose 5kg of body fat by 31st January, my waist will be 3″ smaller and my chest 1.5″ bigger.  I will feel great, my skin will not be dry, my energy levels will be through the roof and I will run 5km in under 24 minutes.

My own health and fitness has dropped recently as I grieved over my Dad’s death in October and lost focus.  The health of my family is my first priority in the New Year, starting with myself.  I’m planning our nutrition and exercise plan this afternoon specifically for our goals. 

If you would like a plan to follow that guarantees results, check out the 8 week challenge on or complete a personal training consultation request form on



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