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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post regarding Movember and how female vanity could be having and adverse affect on male health issues – you can read it here:

Unfortunately, my Dad lost his battle with prostate cancer last Monday (31st October).  He died while sleeping with his family close to him, the cancer had spread throughout his body over the past few years and ultimately there was very little that could be done other than manage his pain. 

My full-time role is to advice men and women on their health and fitness.  Yes, much of it revolves around fat loss, but with good health, fat loss is easy.  Each week, I speak to lots of people about methods of improving their health and a sad part of each week is that men struggle to talk about any health issues they may be having.  Particularly, if anything ‘downstairs’ is involved.

My Dad didn’t mention anything about the problems he was having to me until the cancer had already spread; his GP hadn’t picked up on the signs and was treating him for a urinary infection for over 12 months.  It upsets me deeply that the only person my Dad spoke to regarding his problems was his GP, he didn’t mention it to his friends or family because men don’t generally talk about their health problems and he was from a generation that trusts the advice of the medical profession without question.

I can’t change the fact that my Dad has died of a survivable cancer.  All I can do now is help raise awareness of male health problems and encourage my male clients talk to each other or their families if they feel unwell (other than Man-Flu). 

The Movember campaign aims to do exactly that and myself and over 30 of my clients and family members started clean shaven on Tuesday 1st November and are working hard at growing a MO during the month of Movember.  you can check out our progress on facebook at 

To donate to our cause and learn more about Movember go to 

If over the next month by growing a MO can help one person keep their Dad and help them through prostate cancer, it will be worth it and our team have already got quite a buzz going around it so I’m sure we’ll help more.

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