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On Sunday 2nd October 2011, I think understood how a secondary school teacher must feel when their GCSE students all get A*’s. A group of our members from Achieve Bootcamp, Coventry Running Club and Achieve Coventry
personal training all completed the Coventry Half Marathon.

For some, it was part of training toward a bigger goal (a full marathon), for others something they enjoy doing, but for most it was about taking part in something they never believed they could do or even wanted to do until they joined Team Achieve.

I am one of the blessed people in the world today who can hand on their heart say that they wake up everyday looking forward to work. My purpose in life is to help our members become the best version of themselves they can be and strive to set them challenges along their journey to that point. The Coventry Half Marathon was one of those challenges.

On Sunday morning, we met outside the old fire station in Coventry to go through our final preparations for the run. This involved me handing out some Himalayan crystal salts to add to their water in an attempt to combat the dehydrating effect of the extreme heat of the day, temperatures reached 28°C. We also had time for a little pep talk, which went something like:

You have all followed the programme and trained hard for this, now we just have the easy part of a little jog around Coventry. You will all complete this run and I can’t leave for my holiday in Cornwall until we have all crossed the finish line, so get a move on.

I have run lots of half marathons and have always thought that the Coventry route was a particularly challenging one but this year the route had changed and I even heard rumours of it being a good route to set a personal best on. However, that was not the case; this years route coupled with the heat made the 2011 Coventry Half Marathon the most difficult one I have ran.

I saw several runners laying at the side of the road being treated by the fantastic St John’s Ambulance volunteers; others were forced to stop because of cramp and dehydration. I am proud to say that all of Team Achieve completed the run, one of them putting all other runners ahead of herself and making sure the organisers hadn’t left anybody out on the course :0)

Our members join our company to achieve a goal but become part of something much bigger that ensures their success; they become part of Team Achieve – like minded people who support and guide each other and with that kind of back up they can Achieve anything.

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