Coventry Half Marathon Beginners Training Plan – Final Week

This Sunday you will complete your first half marathon and achieve the goal you set yourself 12 weeks ago. 

We are taking it really easy this week to give your legs some recovery time before the big day.  You should have received an email with instructions to pick up your entry pack and race day information, make sure you familiarise yourself and any spectators you may have on the starting points and times etc.  You can find some more information for spectators on my post here:

Also give your spectators somewhere to meet you at the end and an approximate time of your arrival; there are around 2000 people running on Sunday and it can be difficult to meet up with people unless you have a set point.

 I have mentioned it before but would like to clarify, if this is your first half marathon please don’t put pressure on yourself to finish in a set time, focus on finishing the race and enjoying the experience.  Lots of things can happen on race day that will affect your time, so get the first one under your belt and then focus on improving times from there.

Good luck for Sunday and if you would like to meet up with our Coventry Running Club group at the start of the race send me an email or leave a comment to this post and I’ll send you more information.

Here’s this weeks Coventry Half Marathon training plan:

Day 1
Recovery & Light Resistance Day
Light cross training RPE 4-5
Resistance Circuit2 x 2

Day 2
3 miles (6-8)
Hilly route

Day 3
Cross training (5-6) max 30 minutes
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 4
3 miles (4-5)
Nice and easy

Day 5
Total Rest Day

Day 6
Total Rest Day

 Day 7
Race Day



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