A rough map of the 2011 Coventry Half Marathon route

I have been asked by a few of our runners where would be a good place for spectators to watch around the route to cheer them on on their way.  The route map on the official site is a little unclear as it is a plan of the whole route and you can’t zoom in to see specifics.  I reviewed the route when it was first released; you can read it here: 


I used the website  www.walkjogrun.net to plot it on a zoomable map. 

Approximate route for Coventry Half Marathon

Approximate route for Coventry Half Marathon

You can download the official route map from http://coventryhalf.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/coventry-half-marathon-route-map-2011.pdf

From past experience, it is good to see your family and friends between the 6 & 8 mile mark and again around 10 miles (which fits in nicely with Allesley Park) and finally to provide encouragement as you run down the home straight.  Your own spectators are also good for handing out some snacks and giving / taking away excess layers, depending on the conditions.

Writing your name on your t-shirt is a good idea, as other spectators will shout words of encouragement and hearing your name (even from a stranger) gives you a quick energy boost.

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