2 weeks to go until the Coventry Half Marathon

Only two weeks to go; how do you feel? 

Have you entered the run yet?  I realised yesterday that I haven’t yet, do it today the final day for registration is Saturday 24th September 2011; you can register here:


In this weeks programme, we are still pushing your performance, as mentioned last week we are aiming to get you around the course with ease and want you to hit your peak on race day.  The total mileage is pretty much the same as last week but will aim to up your pace a little over shorter runs, before taking it easy next week.  I want you to focus on the self myofascial release, try to roll your legs every day this week.  You can get a foam roller from Amazon, click this link for the one that I use Reebok Foam Roller.

Make sure you stay fully hydrated over the next two weeks, refer to the hydration and running performance post to calculate your minimum fluid intake.

Here’s this weeks Coventry Half Marathon training plan:

Day 1
Recovery & Light Resistance Day
Light cross training RPE 4-5
Resistance Circuit2 x 2

Day 2
3 miles (pacing)
1 mile (5-7)
1 mile (9-10)
1 mile (5-7) 

Day 3
Cross training (5-6) max 45 minutes
Resistance Circuit x 2 

Day 4
7 miles (6-8)
Hilly route 

Day 5
Resistance Circuit x 2 

Day 6
Total Rest Day

 Day 7
10 miles (7-9)
Long stretch

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