Coventry Half Marathon in only 5 weeks.

How did the long run go at the weekend?

In only 5 weeks you will have completed your first half marathon.

This week, you will be focusing more on pace and intensity, working a little harder on each of your three training runs this week.

Making sure you are hydrated and are fuelling your body correctly will make a massive difference to your performance.  Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to overload on pasta to get enough energy to run.  Most of us are carry a few extra pounds of fuel around with us and would benefit more from using this as fuel and losing some body fat than following misguided nutrition systems.

Follow an eating plan rich in nutrients from meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and over supportive foods to your body.  Having fruit post exercise will help restore used glycogen but make sure you have some protein with it too.  My favourite post exercise meal / snack is a banana omelette, really tasty almost like a cake.

My ‘real food, real results’ programme teaches you how to establish which foods work for your body and will help with overall health and performance.  If ou would like more information send me an email.

Here’s this weeks Coventry Half Marathon training plan:

Day 1
Recovery & Light Resistance Day
Light cross training RPE 4-5
Resistance Circuit2 x 2

Day 2
4 mile run (6-8)
Hilly route
Long Stretch

Day 3
Cross training (5-6) max 45 minutes
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 4
7 miles (6-8) 

Day 5
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 6
Total Rest Day

Day 7
6 miles (6-8)
Record your time.

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