Coventry Half Marathon only 6 weeks away

Only 6 weeks to go, if you have been following this programme you are well on your way to completing your first half marathon.  

6 miles is now considered a steady run by you and you are ready to up the distance to 8 miles; just slow your pace a little, work at an RPE of 5-6. 

During your first short-ish (4 mile) run this week you are going to up your pace for the middle 2 miles to work on your pace over longer distances.  

Book in for a massage or perform a self massage using a foam roller, more info on this soon, to give your muscles a treat.  Make sure you are fuelling your body well before and following your run to support your body, you don’t need to buy expensive sports drinks or energy gels, you can make your own and they will be much better for you. 

Simply take 0.25lt of freshly squeezed juice (your choice on flavour), 0.5lt of water and add a good pinch of unrefined sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt.  That’s all it takes and you avoid all of the crap that you don’t need that is put in a sports drink to make them addictive and harmful to your body.  

Day 1
Recovery & Light Resistance Day
Light cross training RPE 4-5
Resistance Circuit2 x 2

Day 2
4 mile run
1 mile – RPE 4-6
2 miles – RPE 7-8
1 mile – RPE 4-6

Day 3
Cross training (5-6) max 45 minutes
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 4
4 miles – RPE 6-8
Hilly route
Long Stretch

Day 5
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 6
Total Rest Day

Day 7
8 miles – RPE 5-6

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