Only 7 weeks until the Coventry Half marathon 2011.

Only 7 weeks to go.  You should be feeling strong and confident that the Coventry Half Marathon is well within your capabilities.  How was your long run this week? 

Increasing your speed over set distances helps to strengthen your legs and improve your fitness and recovery.  You may find that your legs feel tired as a result of the increase in pace; ensure you have a good stretch; a hot bath can also help.

This week, we will be sticking to 6 miles but increasing your pace over the total distance; it sounds a lot harder than it actually is. Your legs and body will be fine; set a playlist of your favourite tunes and relax into the run and you will cover the distance comfortably. 

We are changing some of the exercises in your home circuit this week to challenge your core muscles and add a little power.  If you are unsure of how to perform any of the exercises, check with a qualified fitness professional or email me at  Do each exercise for 1 minute and move straight on to the next, have a 1 minute rest at the end and then complete the second circuit.

Day 1
Recovery & Light Resistance Day
Light cross training RPE 4-5
Resistance Circuit2 x 2
Hands on Fitball Plank / or with Alternate Leg Hip Extension
Step Forward Lunges – Alternate Legs
Heels on Fitball Leg Curls
Thighs on Fitball Plank – if this is too easy, move further away from the ball
Squat Jumps
Shoulders on Fitball Bridges

Day 2
4 mile run
1 mile – RPE 4-6
1.5 mile – RPE 7-8
1.5 miles – RPE 4-6

Day 3
Cross training (5-6) max 45 minutes
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 4
4 miles – RPE 6-8
Hilly route
Long Stretch

Day 5
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 6
Total Rest Day

Day 7
6 mile run – RPE 6-7
Record your time.

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