8 weeks to go until the Coventry Half Marathon.

How did your long run feel this weekend?  6 miles is an accomplishment, you should feel proud of yourself.  Make sure you are completing your stretches every day and spend extra time on them after your longer runs.  Later in the week I will post information about how to perform a form of sports massage on your legs that will help to re-energise them. 

This week we will keep the resistance circuit in the same way as last week, but I would like you to increase the intensity by pushing yourself harder.  I also want you to add an extra resistance circuit day to your programme. 

Next week we will be adding some equipment in to your strength sessions, you will need to get a fitball to use.  They are available in most supermarkets for around £5, however it is better to pay for a better quality one around £15-£20; the cheaper ones tend to lose their shape and burst more easily, meaning you have to replace them more frequently, ultimately costing you more.

This week during your runs I want you to focus on increasing your pace; we will be adding fast mile intervals into your runs.  If you focus on only running at a steady pace you will struggle with any adversity on the course, adding varying pace and hills into your training will make the race day more comfortable.

Day 1
Recovery & Light Resistance Day
Light cross training RPE 4-5
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 2
4 mile run
1.5 miles – RPE 4-6
1 mile – RPE 7-8
1.5 miles – RPE 4-6

Day 3
Resistance Circuit x 2

Day 4
3 miles – RPE 7-9
Record your time and route, aim to complete the distance in the fastest time possible. 

Day 5
Resistance Circuit x 2 

Day 6
Total Rest Day

Day 7
6 mile run – RPE 5-6

Remember to ensure you take time to recover and relax following the harder runs, allow your body time to just chill.  Have a cup of tulsi tea if you find it difficult to relax after exercise.

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