10 weeks to go until the Coventry Half Marathon.

Would you like to run the Coventry Half Marathon this year?

Have you taken part in a ‘Race for Life’ or other charity fun run?

The Coventry Half marathon is only 10 weeks away but if you have been running short distances recently it’s not too late to get started and achieve your half marathon goal.

If you can walk without pain you will be able to complete a Half Marathon.  The key to achieving any goal is planning and support.  I will provide advice and a plan for you to follow to make completing the Coventry Half Marathon a realistic goal. 

I must point out that it is important to consult with your GP or medical professional if you are new to exercise or haven’t run before.

As Coventry and Warwickshire’s leading personal trainer, I have helped literally thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals; from marathons in London, Paris and New York to charity treks up Mount Kilimanjaro. 

I have helped people who had never run before complete half marathons and enjoy them; you get an amazing sense of achievement crossing the finish line.  Running outdoors is great for your health in many different ways, the obvious fitness benefits but also the mental clarity that is gained from being out in nature.  You will also notice that your clothes will feel loser and your body more toned if you follow the advice I’ll give you on nutrition and strength training to improve your ability to run.

Some of my www.achievebootcamp.co.uk and www.coventryrunningclub.co.uk members started on their half marathon training only 2 weeks ago and are already feeling confident in their ability to complete the 13.1miles on 2nd October.

I will add more information on kit, hydration, running technique and intensity over the coming weeks, but here’s the next weeks programme to get you started.

Day 1
Light cross training (RPE 4-5)
Not running or jogging; go for a bike ride or a walk, aim for around 15-20 minutes.  If you are a member of a gym, try the crosstrainer, rower or a class.  The aim is to start your body moving and get some blood flow to your muscles; you should be able to hold a conversation. 
Strength Circuit x2
Step Back Lunges x 12 each leg; Elbow Plank x 30s; Step Ups with Knee Lift x 12 each leg (a sturdy dining chair could be used); Shoulder Bridges x 12; Squats x 20

If you are not sure what any of the exercises are send me an email or ask an instructor at your local gym.

Day 2
2.5m (RPE 5-6)
You are aiming to push a little bit harder and minimise the amount of time walking.  Your body will cope if you believe you can do it, focus on staying strong and keep going.  If you manage only 20m and need to walk that’s fine, just get going again as soon as you can.

Day 3
Rest Day – if you feel a little stiff, go for a walk; you don’t have to go very far, just enough to get some blood flowing around your legs.

Day 4
3m (RPE 6-8)
Include some hills in your route to start increase your strength and endurance for the Coventry Half Marathon, the route hasn’t been finalised yet but over the last few years it has been the hills that people have struggled with.

Day 5
Cross Training (RPE 5-6)
The same as day 1 but work a bit harder.
Strength Circuit x2

Day 6
Rest Day.

Day 7
4m (RPE 5-6)
Your aim is to complete the distance and record the time; if you don’t manage to run the full distance, don’t worry, walk when you need to and just do the best you can and complete the distance. 

Try to run in places that you will find interesting, to stimulate your senses and make the run more enjoyable, this way you will be less likely to focus upon the uncomfortable feelings you may experience when starting out running.  Coombe Abbey Country Park, Coventry has some excellent paths to run along; I tend to run along the canal from Sutton Stop (very peaceful and can be great for people watching).

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