Wet and cold 40 miles :(

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to update this due to training taking up so much of my time! Since my last post my training has been going really well, gradually increasing the mileage week on week until I managed to do 80 miles last Saturday! I was really pleased with that and although it was pretty windy it was a nice sunny day. I cycled out to Warwick to meet Darren (a circuitous route taking in Draycote, Birdingbury, Long Itchington and Harbury totalling 36 miles) and we then cycled to Stratford and back to make up the rest of the distance – these were new roads for us and I’d forgotten how hilly it is around Stratford so it was a difficult route but we had a lovely break on the waterfront in Stratford to make up for all the hard work!

The following day I went out with Martyn and Phil for 26 miles around Fillongley and Corley which also meant new roads and it was really picturesque. So that brings me up to this week during which I did 26 miles on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday morning.

Today was due to be the big ride this week. My plan was to cycle to Newbold (14 miles), do the Leukaemia Bikeathon (50 miles) and then cycle home. Unfortunately the weather caught me out as it was only drizzling when I left home but it gradually got heavier and windier which wasn’t nice! When I stopped at the first check point at the Shilton Arms my feet were completely numb and I was struggling to change gear because my hands were almost as bad so I decided to go straight home. This early withdrawal meant I completed 42 miles in total in 3 hours which I was pleased with although my legs had felt good and I was disappointed not to get the chance to complete the full 80. This coming week is the last hard week of training before I taper down the following week and then rest before the actual trip. I’m looking forward to it now but starting to feel abit nervous as I know I can do 80 miles but can I do 4 days of that on the trot??

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