Achieve 3 Peaks Challenge 2011 Training Walk 3 – Kinder Scout

On Sunday 22nd April, most of the Achieve 2011 3 Peaks Challenge team met in Edale for a training walk. We had an early-ish start of 8am which meant leaving the house before 6am; a start on the sleep deprivation of the main event.

Our route started by taking us along the popular Penine Way for a couple of miles before meeting our first challenge and the toughest “hill” we had met to date – Jacob’s Ladder, which is a harsh climb; at this point I think Andie was having second thoughts about wearing his 30kg training vest.

The whole team took the challenge in their stride and pushed on; a few members were feeling their knees but a quick muscle release sorted out the problems. The group are also having self myocardial release added into their training programmes to aid recovery and increase hill performance.

The weather was very kind to us and we had fantastic views out over the Vale of Edale. Here’s a picture of the group on the trig point.

We then set off for Kinder downfall where we took the opportunity to have a quick break. Mel handed out some very tasty tortilla and Andie produced some fantastic banana muffins courtesy of Rachael. We then followed the dry river bed out toward Kinder Scout.

I proved my inability to multitask by finding the only rock to trip over in a 5m wide flat area while trying to check our bearing and walk at the same time. An amazing (if I say so myself) monkey roll, a martial arts break fall technique, prevented any serious damage to myself or the map and compass.

We navigated across the trenches of Kinder Scout, walking along them for most of it with the occasional trip on to the top to jump the peat bogs. L exclaimed how much fun it was just before falling over :0) Andie caught a grouse off guard which jumped out and flapped erratically, which is exactly what he did.

The girls are getting used to the great outdoors and nipping off to a secluded spot for a loo break now; although how one of them managed to pop their bra undone I’m not sure.

We then made our way back towards Edale along a well laid out path; we stopped for a little snack and a drink just as L managed to trip again and require first aid assistance.

We had a fantastic day and had a well deserved pint in pub beer garden.

Next walk, Scafell Pike!

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