Brain and Spine runners head for the London Marathon

This Sunday sees 35,000 people take part in the 31st running of the London Marathon, the vast majority for hundreds of charities helping people in this country and abroad.

The London Marathon is the largest annual fund raising event in the world raising over £450 million since it began in 1981.  In running the marathon three times for charity (The Brain and Spine Foundation) I have truly come to appreciate the power of the human spirit, as people battle a true feat of human endurance.

As I head down to London for the weekend to help support the 80 members of the Brain and Spine Foundation / Daily Telegraph team, I would like to share some more about the charity I have run for and supported for five years, and my reasons for doing so.

The Brain and Spine Foundation helps the 10 million people affected by brain and spine conditions in the UK.  The charity provides a helpline and publications for the public and training and resources for professionals. Neurological conditions are the most common cause of serious disability and have a major, but often unrecognised, impact on health and social services.  They affect all ages and people may experience the onset of a neurological condition at any time in their lives.

I too have a Neurological condition, Hydrocephalus, or fluid on the brain, which has required major surgery numerous times and I have also suffered with a brain tumour and meningitis as a result of the condition.  This year I will be supporting those 80 runners out on the course as they raise money for the charity.  All have their own story to tell, heart-warming stories of true battles encountered by themselves, family members or friends.  You can read more about their reasons for taking part by going to

So spare a thought if you are sat at home watching the marathon, or are out on your Sunday morning run, not only for those taking part but for who they are taking part for.  Good Luck one and all.

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