Achieve 3 Peaks – Snowdon Recce Run

At the weekend, I went to beautiful Snowdonia for a recce of the routes I had preliminarily planned for our Achieve 3 Peaks Challenge in June 2011. I stayed on a campsite near the start of the Watkin Path just outside the village of Beddgelert. On Sunday morning, I woke up to the sound of the river flowing, birds singing and one of my dogs acting out the part of Thumper from Bambi, scratching her ear as she had been for most of the night, so I hadn’t slept brilliantly. I decided to run the routes so I didn’t lose time with my family.

I left for Snowdon at 7am to make sure I got a parking space at the foot of the miners track and PYG track, the routes I had chosen for the challenge as they are generally the quickest to complete. There were only a few serious walkers in the car park at that time and I set off for the summit at 7.30ish; I headed up the miners track, as you can imagine it started with about 3/4 of a mile up hill. My lungs were burning by the time I got to the first turning but the effort was worth it as I was rewarded with my first view of the summit.

Snowdon from the miners track

I ran for another couple of miles and stopped for another quick drink and a photo opportunity; this time of the fantastic scenery behind me.

Snowdonia scenary

I had to walk up the mountain for the last 1/2 mile as it was too steep to run and I didn’t want to risk injury, I got to the top and met a couple of other early morning hikers on their way down. I have summited Snowdon nearly 20 times over the past 10 years and this was the first time I have actually been on the trig point alone. Here’s a video of the scenery as I walked around the trig point.

Fast Tube by Casper

My descent was via the PYG track and again I only walked at times when it was unsafe to run; the mountain was already starting to get busy by the time I got to the bottom with lots of charity groups heading out on their quest for the summit. I got back to the tent to find my wife, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and dogs had had a nice lie-in and were preparing breakfast :0)

We spent the afternoon on the beach at black rock sands and paddled in the sea; I thought I was going to get away with muscle aches as I still felt good, until I went to get back in to my truck and realised my legs had started to seize up. By the time I got home on Monday, my legs were protesting about getting out of the truck and I sit writing this now in my upstairs office wondering how I’m going to get back down the stairs :0)

Some magnesium oil sprayed on should do the trick.

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