Achieve’s 3 Peaks Challenge first training walk

Yesterday, most of the team for the 2011 3 peaks challenge met in the beautiful Malvern Hillls for our first training walk.  I say beautiful but the weather wasn’t kind and we didn’t get chance to see any of the views.  Fortunately, Fran and I did a reconnaissance mission  on Tuesday and took a couple of photo’s as proof.

Achieve Botcamp 3 Peaks Challenge 2011

Achieve Botcamp 3 Peaks Challenge 2011

As it was our first training walk, I set the route to be slightly challenging but well within everyone’s capabilities; the 30 mile per hour winds upped the intensity a little.  

Achieve Botcamp 3 Peaks Challenge 2011

The poor weather made everybody just zip up their coats, get their heads down and march on; we got to St Ann’s Well Cafe at the time I expected.  Which was suprising as we set off 30 minutes later than planned due to part of the group having navigation issues on the way to the hills.

A pot of tea and a slice of cake later; we had our final steep ascent up to the summit of the beacon before making our way back to the cars. 

The route was only about 4 miles but gave us a chance to test out our boots and waterproofs, some not really being waterproof.  There were a few cars travelling back with damp occupants, welly’s and a kagool being the fashionable look in one car heading for Warwick.

Here’s a rough guide to the route we took:

Malvern Hills walk

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Walk with a stop at St Ann’s Well cafe

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