Spring is here :)

It’s been two weeks since my last post and since then I’ve had some great rides and a sports massage with Coral Wint to help ease some of the tightness that was starting to build up!

After my last post I completed another short lap on the Tuesday ride and then did pretty much the same 30 mile route last Friday as I had done the previous week.  It was really windy so I got blown around abit but I came face to face with a pheasant and a really sweet bunny rabbit, both watching me suspiciously from the hedgerow.  I’ve also enjoyed seeing all the newborn lambs in the fields and loads of birds busily building nests – even when it’s abit of a grey day it still feels like spring.

This week I thought I’d try riding two days on the trot so I did a 12 mile lap out to Withybrook and back last night (Wednesday) and then Darren accompanied me on a repeat of the 30 mile route today. 

We had a nice little stop at the Malt Kiln farm shop in Stretton-under-Fosse for a cup of peppermint tea, although the accompanying cupcake wasn’t as tasty as the one’s my friend Graham makes for his company Bakeology.  It was another windy day but again the outing was full of wildlife and the roads were nice and quiet so I really enjoyed it and it was lovely to have some company this time.

I’m due to be back out early on Saturday before a weekend away in North Wales for some much needed rest and relaxation where, for a change, I won’t be charging up any mountains as I save my energy for another ride on Monday!

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