Achieve 3 Peaks Challenge 2011 Training Walk 2

On Sunday 20th March 2011 we went on our second training walk for our upcoming National 3 Peaks Challenge in June.  I knew from my previous recce of the route, that it would be challenging if the weather was unkind.  We were lucky and when we set off on our 8 mile circuit from Upper Hulme to the Hanging Stone in the Peak District, the sky’s were clear and the spring birds were singing.

We quickly ascended Hen’s Cloud and over to the Roaches climbing area.  A few of our challengers hadn’t experienced hills as steep as those before and found them a little hard work and a test on the nerves and balance.

Achieve 3 Peaks Challenge

We stopped for a breather and to have a chat with our Mountain Leaders for the 3 Peaks Challenge, Naemi and Mark, who told us a little more about what the challenge entails.

Achieve 3 Peaks Challenge

We then set off for a quick stroll across the top of the Roaches climbing area and out to the Hanging Stone which involved another slog up before we had a break for a piece of Lemon Drizzle cake for Mel’s birthday.

Achieve 3 Peaks Challenge

We realised that there had been a little too much gossiping on the way out and that we would need to pick up the pace to get to the Tea Rooms in time for our booked lunch.  We managed to make up our lost time with a march through the forest and back over the Roaches to arrive back to the Tea Rooms with 15 minutes to spare.

This walk gave everybody a chance to try out there kit for the main challenge and have their first experience of steep climbs; our next walk is going to be a bit more of a physical slog and will take in parts of the Breacon Beacons that the SAS use for their training.

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