Achieve 3 peaks challenge recce walk

At the weekend, I wanted to try a route I had in mind for our upcoming Achieve Bootcamp training walk in the Peak District. 

I couldn’t find my OS maps for the area, so thought I’d use technology and download a mapping app to my phone as I wanted to set off before any shops opened.  I checked the weather, again on an app, and it was going to be sunny for the morning and be a bit cloudy for the afternoon.

I got up bright and early on Sunday morning and set off with the dogs; the app was correct it was a beautiful day; until I got close to the Peak District, the clouds came in and started to look a bit stormy. 

As I parked the car the heavens opened, Daisy and Poppy didn’t look happy about leaving the warmth and dryness of the car; I had the same feelings.  But iPhone in hand, we set off to the start of the walk.

There is a steep climb to begin up Hens Cloud and the terrain is a little slippy, so you will need good walking boots this time, trainers will not suffice.  Then a drop back down before climbing again to the top of the Roaches, a really popular rock climbing area, we’ll be walking up. 

It was while walking across the top of the Roaches that I regretted my decision to put my gloves in the wash before leaving the house, the weatherman said it would be nice; it started to snow and when the snowing wasn’t successful, it decided hail was the answer.  The dogs weren’t very happy.

When I got to Roaches End I thought I’d check the map app to check my route, unfortunately the app needed phone reception to show the map so I had to use the force and guess my next stage.  The weather improved a little and I headed out towards the Hanging Stone.   The dogs were happier and had a little run around, I could even see some views.

I then headed back, looking forward to a cup of peppermint tea in the roaches tea rooms.  There is a final ‘sprint’ finish of about 2 miles down a road, Poppy collected some water bottles that people had dropped as she is well versed in the countryside code :0)

The walk is a little over 8.5 miles and more challenging than our outing in the Malvern Hills, but everyone will be ok. You can view a rough route of the walk here:

Figure 8 walk from Roaches Cafe to the Hanging Stone

Figure 8 walk from Roaches Cafe to the Hanging Stone

Created 03.02.11 by Achieve Coventry

Some tough climbs up hens cloud and the roaches, but nice walk taking in the roaches and the hanging stone; easy detour to lud’s church

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