Thinking like a child

The first Shaolin Freestyle Little Dragons camp took place over the weekend.
Yes, the weekend that had Friday and Saturday’s torrential rain storms.
The Little Dragons is our introduction class for 3-6 year olds.
“3-6 year olds camping in torrential rain” I hear the concern in your voice.  “It must have been horrible for them and the adults looking after them, I can’t think of anything worse” you continue.
However, the Little Dragons really didn’t care about the rain.  They were excited about camping and being on site with their friends, families and instructors.
As adults when we were putting the tents up on Friday, we were discussing options for activities and how the kids were going to react.  We were assuming they would hate it.
We let our adult minds get in the way of our child thoughts.
It was going to be exciting.  They had their rain marks and wellies and just got on with everything they were asked to do.
A break in the weather on Saturday evening meant a game of rounders was possible, one of the surviving outdoor activities that were planned.
But it didn’t make any difference to the enjoyment the kids had.
They still managed to have a BBQ and do lots of other activities.
It made me think about how simple life was as a child and how it doesn’t have to be that complicated now.  We just choose to see things differently.
Obviously, you can’t go to work in your Spider-Man costume if you’re a lawyer but you could splash about in the puddles on a walk at the weekend.
You could still get outside and be active regardless of the weather.  This is something we have to do because our dogs are a bit hyper if they don’t get out every day.
As adults we complicate our food choices, kids generally eat anything put in front of them – IF it has been introduced in the right way.

Food should be fun and exciting, not boring and tasteless because you’re following some faddy diet.

If you don’t look forward to mealtimes, it’s time to change your plan.
That’s where we can really help.
Darren ‘big kid’ Checkley
Our next bootcamp starts on Monday 22nd June 2015, you can apply here –

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