Swimming with dinosaurs

This morning, I’ve been over to Stoney Cove for an Open Water training swim.
Stoney Cove is mainly a dive training centre with lots of sunken wreckages to explore much deeper down.  There are a few things closer to the surface, today I swan over a submarine and the front part of a plane cabin.
At first it’s a little disconcerting but you get used to it, on my second lap I took my time to have a better look.  It’s surreal seeing the divers a few metres below as you swim over head.  The bubbles can take you by surprise occasionally and your imagination gets going for the sea monster that is about to take your leg off.
I’ve been going there for a few weeks now and this morning things just clicked.  The weather was good and the water was calm and clear – a little too clear when you can see down to little caves and your mind starts thinking about the creatures that could be in there 🙂
As you swim around the edge it feels like you’re in a scene from Jurassic Park, the rock formations and tress growing on the rock faces.  It feels like you’re a lot further away from civilisation than you really are.
I’m not a particularly good or quick swimmer but I enjoy the time in the water to have some head space and just focus on the swim.
I guess one of the advantages of me not being very quick is that my training partners are often way ahead of me and I’m pootling along focussing on technique, not drowning or being eaten by sharks, crocodiles or dinosaurs.
This morning was an hour of calm that my brain needed.  An hour of not thinking about everything we have going on now and in the future.  An hour of just being and doing.
It’s my version of meditation.  I’m too hype to do the still versions, when I do breathing practice I do Chi Gung as it’s movement based and stops my mind from wondering.
When was the last time you had some time to just be?
We all lead such incredibly busy lives that we fill with even more things when in reality we need to focus more on just being.
Try to find a little time over the weekend just to have some time for nothing.  It could be as short as 10 minutes to have a little doze in the garden, to read some fiction or if like me you’re a bit hype a walk or run along a river or canal can do wonders for your brain / soul / being / mind.
Darren ‘jurassic’ Checkley
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