Diet advice from Fleetwood Mac

Fran and I went to see Fleetwood Mac last night in Birmingham.
They still rock and they’re all classed as pensioners, yes they take little ‘chat’ breaks in between the more physical hits but they still put on a two and a half hour set.
In one of these chats, Stevie Nicks told the story about her and Lindsey joining the band.  She had a ‘vision’ that it would happen and then took action on making it happen.
As a result, they became part of one of the World’s most successful bands with hits spanning 50 years.  The clarity of her story made me wonder if recreational drugs (the band had some major drug issues in the 70’s and 80’s) could aid memory because she remembered so many details, as did the others when they recounted their stories.  I can barely remember what I did last week.
Maybe they were telling ‘sweet little lies’ 😉
However, the message is faultless.
If you truly want something to happen, you need to take positive action towards achieving it.  Not in a ‘think positive thoughts become positive things’ kind of way.  In the get off your ass and work towards your goals kind of way.
Be that a nutrition plan or wanting to run a half marathon.  You actually have to take action.
It doesn’t have to be massive action, little steps still take you forwards.  Having a coach can make sure that you are heading in the right direction or ‘go your own way’.
Focus on what lies ahead rather than past mistakes, they are in the past and have limited hold on your future.
Or as Fleetwood Mac put it – Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Yesterday’s gone.
As always if you need a little help, we’re here.
Darren ‘action-man’ Checkley
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