My number 1 tip for achieving your goals

Get started.
It really is that simple.  We all try to complicate things too much.
We can’t get started on our diet because we haven’t got all of the ingredients in.
We can’t get started on our exercise plan because we just need to check that we are doing something correctly.
That’s all b0llocks.
We can start on our diet immediately.  Our plan recommends that you only eat real food, if you just eat less crap or processed stuff today you have already started on ‘eating clean’.  Once you get started you find that it becomes easier to do.
One of our members told me last night that she had slipped off track but had a chat with herself and is now really enjoying being back in the kitchen.  The groups we coach are all really supportive and encouraging and share recipes which makes it easier.  Although there was a lot of chatter last night about cheesecake and desserts, led by me naturally 😉
We can start on our exercise plan immediately.  Go for a walk around the block or do a few squats, it doesn’t have to be complicated, start by moving a little more today than you did yesterday.  Build it up gradually with a goal in mind.
We’ve been panting the seeds for some of our members to run the Birmingham half marathon together in October.  They will all achieve that goal because they are in it together.
Find a goal that you can do with a group of friends or join a group of like minded people who want to achieve something you would like to do.
It’s easy to make excuses to why you shouldn’t do something but it’s equally as easy to actually start doing it too.
Small steps forwards is all it takes to get somewhere.
Darren ‘making a start’ Checkley

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