Sh!t on the Villa!

Those of you that know me will know I have pretty much zero knowledge of or interest in football.
I like watching the highlights but can’t sit through 90+ minutes in the hope that something exciting might happen.  In my sport, a fight lasts less than 3 minutes and there’s action the whole time.
That’s on top of the fact that I don’t rate football for providing role models for kids to emulate, current bribe scandal at the top level proving my point.
The point of this email though is to do with something I’ve written about many times and was highlighted after Villa’s defeat in the FA Cup on Saturday.
Obviously being from Coventry, there was a fair amount of gloating on my Facebook wall about how the villa scum had got what they deserved and pretty much every message was taking the p!ss out of a Villa fan.
Celebrating their loss and gloating in their sorrow.  Nobody mentioned how well the other team had played, it was all about Villa being crap.
And as far as I can tell, Villa are a better team than we (I’m from Coventry so will support them by default) are.  They’re in the first division and we are in the third, I know they are called something different now because of sponsorship and marketing.
Surely we should celebrate that another local team got through to the final.
We see the same in our business all of the time.  People aiming to make themselves look and feel better by knocking down others.
We believe that we can build others up and that takes us higher.
There are so many people to help with fitness and weight loss that we know we’re not going to be the best fit for everyone that applies.  When that is the case we point them in the direction of one of our ‘competitors’ who will better suit their needs.
I often get enquiries for personal training to help get them ripped, that’s not my specialist field.  I pass them on to my friend and therapy client Kirk, he is a cover model and understands exactly what is required to achieve that look.
Likewise, other trainers refer clients to me who are injured or have specific health issues.  We work to gather and as a result our clients achieve more.
We build them each other up rather than knocking down and trying to do something that we don’t specialise in.
When our clients get great results, some of their friends try to put them down, telling them that the weight will soon be back on and it’s not maintainable rather than celebrating their success.
Make a change in your outlook and the world becomes a nicer place to be.
Start small, give someone a compliment.  If they don’t accept it, that’s their problem not yours.
Give graciously, accept willingly.  It’s a great way to live.
Darren ‘Bob the Builder’ Checkley

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