Are we being controlled by obesity?

On my drive over to a freezing lake for a swim yesterday morning, I heard the winning entry to the Radio 2 500 words competition for the 10-13 year old category.

It was a brilliant insight in to how our world is changing by a 10 year old girl.  You can read it here –

She was inspired by the recent media around the election and wondered what it would be like if the government controlled us by making us housebound and obese.

It made me think about how that is actually becoming a reality.

We are certainly becoming less able to function as humans, I have written about that many times before.

Movement patterns are being lost as a result of technology like sliding doors and auto-closing car boots.

Postures are becoming distorted by the fact that many of us sit on our arses for much of the working day, getting a chair-arse as one of our members put it earlier in the week.

A quick dash to cross the street is enough to make most feel breathless for 10 minutes afterwards and ache for a few days.

Those of us that choose to eat predominantly real food that is free from processing are considered extreme.

A huge proportion of the population are obese and their health and the services provided by the NHS are suffering as a result of it.

The information given by the government on controlling obesity is not working.  Is this by design as the girl shares in her story?

A fatigued population are less likely to cause a stir.  If you are too tired to do anything other than watch soaps and browse the internet when you get home from work you are unlikely to join an uprising for changes to be made.

It was a fantastic story and maybe not far from the truth.

There are much more effective ways to improve your health and lose weight than those suggested in the government guidelines.  However, they require you to take responsibility for your own health.

If you need a little help with that, we can help (shameless plug).

Darren ‘conspiracy theorist’ Checkley

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