Shepherds Pie Recipe

Following Darren’s blog about losing his mojo, he’s still on his way to finding it I think but the messages of support have certainly helped so Thank You!
I’m two weeks out of my detox retreat and I certainly got my mojo back whilst I was there – I think mine had also disappeared along with Darren’s.
I like to think I’m not an emotional eater but if I look back over the last year…
I was fine after my retreat last June until Christmas knocked me off plan and then we started the adoption process which hasn’t been as tough as it’s made out to be in the media but I think anyone would have SOME sort of reaction to having every aspect of their lives scrutinised.
They’ve examined;
– our childhoods
– our finances
– our work/life balance
– how we were parented
– how we look after our dogs
– what state our house is in
– our education
– our jobs – past and present,
– our life experience,
– our past relationships (fun!)
– our infertility
– our friendships
– how we relate to each other
– and numerous other little bits and bobs of our lives!
Anyway – as I did find my mojo in Glastonbury I’ve been dong a lot of cooking and preparing meals from scratch as per The Real Food Plan requirements!
I made a clean shepherds pie yesterday and thought I’d film it for you all so here it is – I hope you enjoy it…

If you haven’t got time to watch the video (it’s only 8 minutes) the recipe and method can be found here instead
If you make it I’d love to see some pics of yours and hear any changes or tweaks you’ve made so email me back or show me on Facebook or Twitter @FranCheckley
Fran ‘not quite Delia’ Checkley

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